Soryn Alfonse Raei

Down but never out! I started at rock bottom, so UP is the only way I know!


Race: Lashunta
Class: Mystic
Age: 28
Origin Point: Born on Castrovel, orphaned on Absalom Station at age 5.
Profession: Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner.

Background: The son of a merchant couple from Castrovel, Soryn was well taken care of and well liked by all who visited his parents ship. A curious and outgoing toddler, he always found himself in places where he aught not to be. He often liked to hide in the cargo hold and play with his toys while his parents were occupied. Unfortunately this would not bode well for Soryn, as on one fateful day while docked at Absalom Station he was accidentally offloaded while hiding in a large crate. His parents soon disembarked, believing he was still aboard. Soryn would find out later from the owner of the crate that his parents ship was lost and that they were presumed dead.

Soryn ran everywhere and anywhere he could to try and find the dock that his parents were last seen. He became hopelessly lost in the Spike and ended up in the neighborhood of Downlow. He would eventually join a group of other orphans and lost children, scrounging up a living as the leader of the small band of pickpockets and junkers. He was able to keep the group fed and sheltered by selling whatever he could to the nearby gangs. for 10 years he toiled in the warrens, saving what credits he could while making sure his people were taken care of. Eventually he became a fence for a prominent gang in Downlow.

From his position in the gang we grew more and more knowledgeable about the intricacies of the underground and the businesses that ran it. He found it easier to play dumb and do as told so as not to draw attention to his studies and the connections he was trying to make on the side. At age 18 he was given a position in a Abadar Shop in the upper Spike. The shop was meant to be a means of gaining information on shipment moving throughout the area. Having a taste of real business he was hooked and became a priest of Abadar in secret.

He established himself in the shop as a charismatic and confident negotiator, despite not being very successful as all prices were set by the Corp, as he was told time and again by his superiors. One morning something changed, tired of being under someone else’s control a connection was made. Magic was made available to him to subtly influence the minds of management. Within 3 years he was all but running the shop. From the background he nudged those who though them his better to seeing things his way, whether they knew it or not.

Many years would pass before he grew bored of selling the same old things to the same old clients. He wanted more, he needed to elevate himself above the station he had been shunted into and make something of himself. He began his plans to get a ship and crew. He was less concerned about attaining these things through the typical legal means, and so he set out to a bar at the docks to try and recruit for his new venture.

Personality: Confident, intelligent and “tactful.” Soryn is always eager to make credits or put others in his debt. He seeks to control as more of his life, and the life of those around him, as possible. He knows best and he things everyone knows it. He is always looking out for number one, but is not completely selfish in the strict sense. He knows he needs employees and seeks to ensure they are well kept and happy. for if they should fail or become frustrated that could spill back onto him, and HE WILL NOT HAVE IT!

Physical Traits: Soryn stands exactly 6’2" and weighs exactly 185 lbs and he intends to keep it that way. His markings, eyes, and hair all have a tint of dark green. His near black hair is always kept slicked back, as are his antennae. As a Lashunta, he is physically symmetrical and inherently attractive, though he doesn’t seem to care about that at all.

Soryn Alfonse Raei

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